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I am running make up workshop which help woman find her way in creating the look they feel the best.

Character of the workshops depends of the group, needs, time, budget and place, but I am always open for the suggestions and  fresh ideas.

Workshop is a great place to be! You can find out so much, share the love for the make up and experience with it.

So far I had a pleasure to run it three times and I absolutely LOVED it!

Recently i had an opportunity to run  color analyze workshop for group of polish ladies living in Holland they are called TOP and they ROCK!

taste of it here:

More than year ago I did workshop in beauty atelier for small group of ladies. This was in cooperation with my friend Joanna Hagien from Atelier Urody. Few photos from the day.

make upeducated team :)fun during workshopgirls wanna have fun

Here’s the snap from great day in Amsterdam where we did workshop about everyday make up on different faces 🙂 different beauty types. Advice about style and  skin check, style and colour analyses. There was many questions and lucky I was able to give an answer to help those lovely ladies in their great look 🙂  
 And most recent Colour Analyse workshop during international Woman’s Day meeting by TOP group! Ladies were super active and that was pure pleasure for me to run workshop for them!

29.01.2017 I did workshop for teachers from Talen Training Centrum school, this was about care in make up, natural cosmetics and our daily routine in caring for skin. It was pure joy and very enriching experience.

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