Its a great thing to get inspired…

Do not mix it with motivation. Motivation takes us where we want to get, its a process and its not always enjoyable…

Inspiration comes as a sparkle and fires our soul, we do not need motivation to get inspired. I wish you all an environment in which you can get inspired. Hopefully right people around and places to make you feel that special moments that lead to creating beautiful things and maybe becoming inspiration for others.That must feel awesome.

My inspiration.

for way of life;

my sister for ever 🙂 wish you could meet her…



she is 52 btw.

for make up

for healthy life, sorry those are polish ladies;

for love and relationships; as a religious person I rely on my faith and try to be a good person therefore I do not have much problems in this matter 😉

i love, care and forgive, that usually works both ways, and if it doesnt I go my way..

surrounding yourself with positive people works the best! and  we have one life to live so there is no point wasting it for negative vibes from people who don’t bring the “light” to our life.

here is the link for preaching, words that helped me every time i was in doubt, but its in polish 😦

my biggest inspiration is my son, the light of my life that came unexpected and change everything for better! we dont always get what we want but very often we get what we need, even if it doesnt always feel good and we fight with the path. I wish you amazing moments through out your life, cherish the moment, be happy, be yourself and let go.

stay beautiful! inside out.x


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